How To Promote Small Business In Nigeria – Kassem Ajami

It does not matter what do you make or deal in, there are only two options, watching it with folded arms or think outside the box of an idea which makes your business promoted. Before moving further, I would like to tell you that first of all, you need to understand your business, you also need to know about your customers are, this will help you and guide you during your advertisement campaigns.

Here Are 10 Ways to Promote your Business in Nigeria: kassem Ajami

Business Cards

It is very important to carry a good number of business card everywhere you go. You have no idea how many potential clients you face on daily basis. You can do it with the help of a good graphic designer handle who will make the decent design for you with decent and clear points which anyone can understand.

Business card works as a constant reminder for a person who possesses it and remind them that you meet their requirements. A business card should include:

  1. Business name
  2. Contact address
  3. Phone number
  4. Email
  5. Logo
  6. Services

Always carry it.


Printing and distributing the flyers around to the people in your neighbouringis also a good option if you can do it. Plus, take your flyers to other places as well of business and distribute it. There are few places like restaurants, banks and bars are the good contact points for your business and its possible customers.

Just like a visiting card, your flyer should also consist the business information with a brief of your services but precise write-up describing your offering services. There is a possibility that the Flyers might not promote your business on a bigger level like nationally or globally, but it is a good option if you are considering the business promotion on local level.

Free Giveaways

Giving out free or complimentary gifts such as t-shirts, cups, pens, calendars, pens and caps is one great way to make people vigilant about your business in Nigeria. But, make sure your giveaways have your branding like name, services or logo which is clearly visible from any sight. This would be a great option as only those people will not take the services whom you are giving the gifts, but their circle may also notice that and they are also your best possible future customers.

Best time for such gifts would be a holiday or Sunday or maybe a celebration like Christmas or a social fare. This will be a new and refreshing experience for other people which may take your services in future.

Place Signs and Posters in Front of Your Shop or Office

It does not make any sense really if your business is at a place where no one knows you around. Having a poster, business sign or a vinyl will be best option to draw the attention of people who are passing by. A small sign will also be beneficial if your new customer is referred by your existing customer, it will help them find you easily. For example, if I want my friend to visit McDonalds situated in your local area, it will be easy for my friend to find the store after reaching the location just by seeing the “M” of McDonalds.

Be sure to that you have contacted the signage authorities before going for such signs. Because if you don’t, you might have to face legal actions against you a fine or maybe your sign will be taken down by the authorities.

Organize Shows or Events

This is one of the best ways to promote your business in Nigeria as Nigerians are generally fun loving. For Instance, suppose a brand like Merry Bet arranges an annual snoccer event and invite celebrities to participate in friendly soccer games and also gives an opportunity to fans to participate in in quizzes where they can win cash and other gift items.

People appreciate this and are more inclined to patronize Merry Bet’s gaming services, and spread the word about the experience and this is a thing, which can not be beaten by anything else as the word of mouth works faster than any promotion.

E-mail Marketing

Sending mails to your already existing customer with your new ideas and upcoming products or services is a great way to promote the business again. Also, you can get the new customers who sign up for your news letter and you can engage them via mail.

If they will get mails constantly, it will be very hard for them to forget about you.

Use social media

In this modern world, people are getting all the information through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other social apps and websites over the internet. As a businessman, you should use this opportunity to promote the business through these platforms. Traffic generated by the social media is beyond any promotion as there is no limit of age, gender, cast and all. It has a great potential to bring clients to you if you use it properly.

Use Your Vehicle

Do you have a car, or any other vehicle? If yes, then you can use your vehicle as a moving visiting card. You can have your business details such as logo, contact number or name on your vehicle and use it to commute. It is not just one of the great ways but it is also cost effective as you are transporting your with a advertisement banner with yourself.

When you will move around, people will see your advertisements and will become more familiar with your business and services and this is an advantage. Yes, it may not seem a much because it’s not possible to drive every corner of the city but if you can attract a few, it will be worth wile.

Online Ads

Using online platforms and website which provides you the place for advertisements is also a fantastic way to promote the business. For example, a website like Nairaland provides the spaces for ads in each and every segment of theirs, both at the top and at the centre of their page. Their costings are also flexible as they have different packages for different types of ads and budget to wider reach, you should try something like that if you may.

Join Forums

Joining forum is also a best technique as you get to meet millions of people who share the same interest yours. You will get both, buyers and sellers there. So, you need to join as much as these forums you can and you have to engage in a relevant discussion so that you can share the pros and cons at best level.

You can keep dropping hints and ideas of how to solve a particular problem, if the problem is related to your area of expertise. People see this as a trustable person and try to research more about you and your business, they might be your generous lead. If you think it like this, then there is nothing better than talking to your future clients or leads directly on a platform without any mediator. In this way, you listen to their problem properly and guide them without any hassle and miscommunication.

These were few of the topics I wanted to discuss on how a person can promote his or her business to get maximum growth in future.